Prenatal Counseling San Marcos TX

Whether planned or unplanned, pregnancy presents adjustment challenges for most expectant parents.  Prenatal counseling helps families to adapt to the rapid changes of the childbearing year to promote wellness and readiness for welcoming the new baby.  Illysa’s sessions are nurturing and allow her clients to feel safe and accepted as they process emotions about becoming a mother or father.  Illysa’s work as a midwife since 2005 has provided a wide range of experiences and holistic knowledge that she draws upon in her work as a therapist.

Illysa provides prenatal counseling at her San Marcos TX office, including these services:

Unplanned pregnancy
Attachment to baby
Adult attachment
Pregnancy loss
Concerns about sexuality
Becoming a father
Becoming a mother
Balancing work and parenting needs
Birthing fears and expectations
Expectant couples therapy
Prenatal Counseling San Marcos TX