Postpartum Therapy San Marcos TX Support Groups

The postpartum period is an important stage in family development. Everyone is impacted by the arrival of a new baby as shifts in roles occur. Sleep and related hormonal changes of the postpartum period can impact relationships and family functioning. With demands of infant feeding and older children, parenting a newborn requires effective coping strategies and adequate support.  Illysa helps mothers, fathers and older children to find adaptive ways to relate in a growing family. Services may include home visits to facilitate adaptations in the home setting and promote health in the postpartum period.  With a focus on wellness that includes the whole family system, the physical needs of the postpartum mother and newborn, and a positive and informed approach to parenting, Illysa provides postpartum therapy San Marcos TX support groups and family, couple and individual psychotherapy.

When a woman and her family looses a pregnancy through abortion, miscarriage, fetal demise, stillbirth or neonatal death, having a therapist who is willing to be connected to the sense of loss can help. Illysa is capable of holding space for grief and healing for perinatal loss. You do not have to be alone in your grief. You can have support for your body, mind and spirit as you grieve and move towards healing.

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