Family Therapy and Parenting Coaching

Being a parent is a process of learning about yourself and your child.  Understanding your child’s needs is important at all stages of development.  Illysa assists parents to connect with their infants, toddlers, children and adolescents, to understand their attachment patterns, and to empower parents to find their own parenting styles and trust their insights.  Illysa has expertise as a child development specialist, having worked in classrooms with toddlers, preschoolers, school aged and adolescent children. Also a mother and a spouse, Illysa has personal experience raising children to adulthood. Adjustments are necessary as a family grows, and  Illysa can help families to adapt to meet the changing needs of a growing family:

Parenting education and consultation

Mother and baby therapy sessions

Therapy for Dads:   feel supported in building upon your unique contribution to your child’s development

Sibling adjustment

Family therapy sessions

Welcoming LGBTQIA family members and non-traditional family constellations

Educational counseling helps you understand the educational needs of your child and guides you in making empowered decisions regarding your child’s education.