My practice focuses on developmental and creative processes. Drawing upon personal and professional experiences as a mother, partner, midwife, educator, dancer and psychotherapist, I offer a variety of therapeutic and positive wellness models for individuals, groups, couples and families to foster healthy attachment, development, communication and coping strategies in an office environment that provides safety, fosters creativity, and body awareness/movement therapy.

I help support women on their journey of motherhood to heal, be empowered and trust their intuition.  Men who are becoming fathers can express their emotions, adapt their roles, and balance work and family in a supportive therapeutic relationship.  My work assists siblings to prepare for new babies in the home.  Couples can talk openly and address challenges while celebrating growth in areas of sexuality, co-parenting, gender and egalitarianism.

My holistic approach to healing draws upon on developmental, humanistic and psychoanalytic psychological theories.  By building supportive relationships with my clients, I assist them with their individual development and relationships in families and communities.  My current training to become a dance therapist is supported by neuroscience research as an effective brain-body healing modality.

Becoming a parent is perhaps the most transformative step that an individual may take in his or her lifetime. It is an honor to work with women and their families as they grow through the profound experiences childbearing and parenting.