Illysa Foster, San Marcos TX Therapist

Illysa Foster, San Marcos TX therapist, specializes in psychotherapy for the childbearing years.  From a rich background in midwifery, education and child development, Illysa has cultivated a broad range of holistic knowledge and in-depth clinical experiences and skills from which to draw when supporting clients.

Transitioning into parenthood is a time of great potential growth for individuals, couples and families.  Illysa’s contextual approach respects differences, nourishes her clients’ resiliency and builds on their unique ‘sense of self’ to rise to the challenges of parenting and partnership.  Her work as an educator lends itself well to interactions with families with children.  Siblings are better prepared for the introduction of a new baby when given developmentally appropriate information about pregnancy, childbirth and infancy.   Illysa relates effectively with even the youngest of clients, as she has years of experience working with newborns.
Illysa utilizes a variety of  modalities, from talk and play therapies to somatic,dance, mindfulness and creative approaches to meet the needs of individuals within family systems and to build communication and coping skills,  facilitating the growth of healthy families.  Her knowledge and experience in nutritional counseling and fitness can make a difference in the lives of clients as they seek to reach goals related to wellness and happiness.